Individualized Care & Training.

The Howell Rehab Center specializes in providing individualized care and training for everyone of their patients.  We deliver comprehensive services to the healthy, the injured, the non-athlete and the professional athlete, ranging in ages eight to eighty.  Our personalized rehab and training programs use the latest methods in physical therapy.  We have Aquatic therapy at both of our locations. We feature the most up to date uses of laser therapy.  We are certified in latest techniques in dry needling.

Our broad spectrum approach addresses the total body. We recognize the requirements and limitations of each individual.

1 on 1 Attention. Excellent Outcomes.

Emotional support plays a vital role in your successful treatment. We motivate and energize. We become your coach, as well as your caregiver. Our staff has personal experience with the rigors of training, recovery from injury, and the anxiety associated with the return to activity. We are compassionate.  We are educated and we care.  All of that allows us to achieve excellent patient outcomes.

Advanced Concepts.
Functional Rehab & Training.

Clinic set-up allows us to incorporate Functional Rehabilitation and Training in our programs. This method uses the facility’s equipment and technologies to deliver hands-on care beyond a traditional clinical setting. We provide one-on-one monitoring as you perform the movements essential to your sport or activity. We are at your side as you strengthen and regain motion.  The results allow y ou reach optimum recovery in the least amount of time.