Aquatic Therapy

Our patients enjoy the benefits of advanced aquatic physical therapy, something that was once only available to professional athletes.

The Hydroworx pool technology provides excellent results and outcomes for people recovering from an injury. It is also incredibly helpful for people undergoing therapy for a chronic condition such as arthritis or neurological problems, back, knee, hip or shoulder problems. Pool therapy can also help with elder care, cardiac rehab, or people seeking an advanced, safe training and performance program that is easy on the body’s joints.

Pleasant Ridge- HydroWorx 300

Featured at our Pleasant Ridge location, The HydroWorx 300 is a therapy pool with a treadmill. It fills and empties with water to various depths.

Delhi- HydroWorx X80

The Delhi location features the HydroWorx X80 which is a treadmill system that allows for the same resistance jets, underwater camera monitoring as well as a treadmill that can move at 10 mph.